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Baret Scholars is a selective admissions program with only 180 seats for applicants across the entire world. Baret’s spirit is one of student’s guiding their own learning, working collaboratively and sharing their interests with fellow students. We are seeking students with demonstrated and significant accomplishments in something they care about: it could be art, coding, music, athletics, writing, an entrepreneurial endeavor or any field of study. Of course, we are also impressed by the hard work that a 1600 SAT score or a straight A transcript infers. Though not determinative, we will take those into account as well.

Equally, we are attracted to students that are still discovering themselves but have creative minds and a strong desire to strengthen their work ethic. We welcome every student with a desire to explore their minds, their hearts and the world around them to apply.

With this in mind, we have designed the application to be a “presentation of you,” an audition of sorts. We are interested in what you have already accomplished for yourself and others rather than requiring you to create something forced for our Admissions Committee. We want you to tell us about you and why you are excited about Baret Scholars by pulling together a collection from your life.


Our hope is that you won’t dread this application but enjoy the process of thinking about what the next year could look like for you. We do not anticipate the application taking more than 5 hours to complete and we encourage you to use as many materials as you would like from your college and university applications.

The application is divided into six parts

General Information




Essays, Interests, and Video




Letter of Recommendation


Additonal Information

Barret Fellows

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For the perfectionists out there (and we are sure there are many), you can complete the application in multiple sittings. Just click “Save” at the end of each section so completed fields are saved in the portal. When going through the application, you will have to finish each section before moving on to the next section. Once you reach the end of the application, you will have the option to review and change all your answers before deciding to officially submit your application. Once your application is submitted, however, you will not be able to modify it in any way or submit an additional application.

Financial Aid

Need Based Aid, Baret's most popular form of financial aid, will be awarded to truly outstanding applicants with demonstrated financial need who are looking to bridge the gap between their financial situation and the cost of a Baret year. Candidates who fit this criteria and apply for Need Based Aid will be asked to submit an additional essay in the application as well as supporting financial documentation to a third party. Candidates who apply for Need Based Aid will be automatically considered for the limited number of Baret Full Scholarships reserved for each cycle's top applicants who have extensive financial need. Our Merit Awards will be fully merit based, and the Baret team will determine recipients based on outstanding applications regardless of financial need. No additional materials are required to be considered for the Honor Scholarships outside of the standard Baret application.

We wish you the best of luck. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our Admissions Team at info@baretscholars.org.

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